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Evolution and Inheritance (UKS2) - Live course starts 22nd September

Our live courses cover the national curriculum requirements - with added bits thrown in to take the topics a little further. 

A live lesson every week
Linked experiments
Accompanying workbooks
Online games to consolidate understanding
An end of unit 'test'

What does KS2 Evolution and Inheritance cover?

1. The fossil record

The first step to understanding how evolution may happen is by looking back into the past, we look at the fossil record and what it tells us.

2.  Variation

Luckily for us, we are totally unique, we'll take a look at our different characteristics and how some are inherited and some are environmental.

3. Genes and DNA

Now we know which of our characteristics we have inherited, we'll have a look at exactly how it works.

4. Adaptations

Have you ever wondered why lions don't live in the Arctic? (and why polar bears don't live in the Savannah?) That's all about adaptations.

5. Evolving

Taking adaptations even further! We'll explore the theory of evolution and how it has helped so many species survive. 

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