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Light and Shadows course (LKS2) - Live course starts 19th September

Our live courses cover the national curriculum requirements - with added bits thrown in to take the topics a little further. 

A live lesson every week
Linked experiments
Accompanying workbooks
Online games to consolidate understanding
An end of unit 'test'

What does KS2 light and shadows cover?

1. Seeing things

We'll have a look at the structure of our eyes and see how they work

 2. Tricking your eyes

Our eyes (and our brains) are not as reliable as we think. This week we'll look at how easy it is to fool them both.

3.  Reflections

Reflections are not only important for seeing things, they are also really useful - we'll take a closer look at how.

4.   Protect your eyes

Now we know how important our eyes are, we need to find out how to protect them

5. In the shadows

What happens when the light gets blocked? Shadows of course! We'll investigate how shadows are formed and how they change.

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 Light and shadows course - starts 19th September
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