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Summer of Science

6 Topics


Week 5 - ICE CREAM


Summer of Science

WEEK 1 - w/c 25th July - GERMS

Easy Experiment - Grow your own bacteria

Online lesson and games - all about germs

Kit experiment - Making snot

WEEK 2 - w/c 8th August - MIRRORS

Easy Experiment - Using different types of mirrors

Online lesson and games - Reflections

Kit experiment - Make a periscope

WEEK 3 - w/c 15th August - MAKING ELECTRICITY

Easy Experiment - Make an electroscope

Online lesson and games -  electricity

Kit experiment - Citrus batteries

WEEK 4 - w/c 22nd August - ICE CREAM

Easy Experiment - Making ice cream

Online lesson and games - Ice cream through the ages

Kit experiment - Foaming acid sundaes

WEEK 5 - w/c 29th August -  ART AND SCIENCE

Easy Experiment - Grow a rainbow

Online lesson and games - Using art in science

Kit experiment - Smart inks - thermo and photochromic ink experiments

Topics for this resource 6
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