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5 Free, fun filled days of primary science

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5 Free, fun filled days of primary science

Are you looking for exciting (but easy) science projects for your budding scientists?  

Then you're in the right place. Our totally free mini course is jam packed with 5 days of easy experiments, online activities and printables and extra investigation ideas to satisfy even the most curious of primary aged kids!

  • Easy experiments with stuff you'll have at home 
  • Extend the ideas with online games
  • 'Closer look' activities to investigate the ideas as much or as little as you want
  • Earn badges and certificates


  • DAY 1 - 2 eyes are better than 1
  • Explore binocular vision with the  easy experiment
  • Try our interactive and printable wordsearch 
  • Take a closer look at how easy it is to trick our brains with optical illusions 

Day 2 - Falling to Earth

  • In the easy experiment, you'll be making the perfect paper helicopter
  • Test your observation skills with our online (and printable) memory game
  • Carry on your falling investigations with a parachute challenge

Day 3 - Breaking records 

  • Try and break a world record - using only 1 sheet of paper
  • Can you match up the weird world records in our online (and printable) matching game?
  • Take a closer look at some more world records you can have a go at at home

Day 4 -  Secret messages

  • Take advantage of a property of paper to reveal your own secret message
  • Test your spy skills by unscrambling the science anagrams
  • Build up your sneaky spy knowledge with some invisible inks to try 

Day 5 - Paper engineering

  • Learn an impressive engineering trick by making mobius strips
  • How much do you know about engineers and what they do? Have a go at our online engineer crossword and find out
  • Become a true engineer by using different mechanisms and principles to make jumping frogs and walking paper horses.

Sounds amazing - sign me up for free NOW! We know it's fab but don't just take our word for it!Here's what other parents and teachers think...

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