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The Science Brainery - Mega Club

The Science Brainery - Mega Club

Welcome to the Mega Club where you'll get your weekly fix of :


Loads of ideas for experiments covering all the Primary Science topics.

Quizzes and games

Online games and quizzes to assess understanding in an interactive a fun way - most of our online games also have printable versions too.

Explainer videos and background info

Be prepared for all those 'WHY's with our background info for grown ups and bitesize explainer videos for children.

Live 'Easy Experiment'

A weekly dose of simple science experiments exclusively for Mega Scientists.

Weekly Masterclasses

Every week. we'll be taking a closer look at a fascinating aspect of one of our topics.

AND that's not all, as a Mega member, you will automatically get free access to ALL of our special celebration events throughout the year. 

54 Topics

Rainbow week - 18th October


Here you will find all the replays of our masterclasses in one place. You'll also find the recordings and the presentations in the modules.


You'll find the recordings of our live easy experiment lessons here.

Sinking - 11th October

Surviving the cold week - 4th October

Ice and Gas giants week 27th September

Plant survival week - 20th September

Water Week

MASTERCLASS - Clean water for all!

EASY EXPERIMENT - Floating water towers

  • Wild water factfile
  • Soluble or not online game
  • How much water is in your food?

Growing Plants

Structure and function of parts of flowering plants | What plants need to live | How water is transported | Pollination 

National Curriculum link - Year 3 Plants

Muscles and Bones

Humans and some other animals have skeletons | How muscles work

National Curriculum links  - Year 3 Animals including humans

Food Chains

Identify carnivores, herbivores and omnivores | Food chains 

National Curriculum links - Year 1,2 3 Animals including humans

Light and Shadows

Reflection | UV light from the sun | Shadows 

National Curriculum link: Year 3 light

Rockin' Rocks

Igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks | Volcanoes | Soil 

National Curriculum link - Year 3 Rocks

Nutrition and Digestion

Food Groups | Digestion | Teeth

National Curriculum links - Year 3 and 4 - Animals including humans

Simple Circuits

Complete and incomplete circuits | Switches | Conductors and Insulators | Static

National Curriculum links - Year 4 Electricity


Vibrating | Pitch | Volume | The ear

National Curriculum links - Year 4

Inheritance and evolution

The fossil record | Inheritance and variation | Adaptations

National curriculum link - Year 6 - Evolution and Inheritance

Changing States

Solids, Liquid and Gases | State changes | The water cycle

National curriculum links - Year 4 - States of matter

Exploring Space

The solar system | The moon | Day and night

National Curriculum links - Year 5 Earth and Space

Properties and Reactions

Properties of materials | Separating mixtures | Physical and chemical changes

National curriculum links - Year 5 - Properties and changes

Fantastic Forces

Balanced and unbalanced forces | Gravity | Resistance | Mechanisms

National curriculum links - Year 5 - Forces

Light and Colour

How we see | Colours of light | Refraction

National Curriculum link - Year 6 light

Circulatory System

The heart | Blood | Nutrient transport

National Curriculum links - Year 6 Animals including humans

Building circuits

Voltage | Predicting circuit changes | Circuit symbols

National Curriculum link - Year 6 Electricity

Life Cycles - COMING SOON

Habitats - COMING SOON

Weather and the Seasons

Looking at Plants - COMING SOON

Mastering Magnets - COMING SOON

Classifying Living Things - COMING SOON

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Science Stories - people and discoveries that changed the world

Get some inspiration from these amazing people and discoveries. 

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Crystals week - 25th October

Liquids week - 1st November

COPY: Rainbow week - 18th October

COPY: Rainbow week - 18th October

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