Year 6 - Making Useful Circuits

4 Topics

Year 6 - Making Useful Circuits

Whole topic resources

📃 More Electricity Keywords

💻📃 More Electricity Keyword word search Expert level

💻More electricity wordsearch


👩‍🔬 Voltage Explainer video

💻 Voltage crossword

🧪 Modelling voltage

🧪 The effect of changing voltage

❓ Quiz

Circuit symbols

👩‍🔬 Common Circuit Symbols

💻📃 Match the circuit symbols memory game

💻 Circuit symbols - find the job

💻📃 Circuit symbols wordsearch *

❓ Quiz

Building useful circuits

💻 What happens when we change the circuit?

💻📃 The best circuit for the job.

🧪 Make a burglar alarm

🧪 Make a set of traffic lights

🧪 Investigating circuits using playdough

🧪 Make a card with copper wire

🧪 Make an LED torch

🧪 Build a simple game

🧪 Make a quiz

🧪 Build a safety switch


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