Year 6 - Light and Colour

4 Topics

Year 6 - Light and Colour

Whole topic resources

👩‍🔬📃 Travelling at the speed of light masterclass and workbook

💻 Colour wordsearch

💻 Colour wordsearch Expert level *

💻 Light matching pairs

How light travels

👩‍🔬 How light travels explainer video

💻 Light crossword

💻 Light - fill in the blanks

💻 Spot the shadow *

🧪 Reflection - using lasers

🧪 Refraction experiments

🧪 Shadow puppets

🧪 Changing shadows

🧪 Make a periscope

❓ Quiz

Seeing colour

👩‍🔬 Light and Colour Explainer Video

👩‍🔬 Colour fact file

💻 Light and colour crossword

💻 Light and colour word search

🧪 Prisms

🧪 Newton wheels

🧪 Colour mixing torches

🧪 Make a kaleidoscope

🧪 Make a CD rainbow

🧪 Make a spectroscope

❓ Quiz

Bending light

💻 Bending light

🧪 Refraction experiments

🧪 Make a magnifier

🧪 Make a pinhole camera

🧪 The silver egg trick

❓ Quiz

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