Year 5 - Exploring Space

Year 5 - Exploring Space

Whole topic resources

👩‍🔬 QUICK GUIDE - Dangerous new theories

💻 Space word search (with words)

💻 Space word search - expert level

💻📃 Space Wordsearch

📃 Space Keywords

💻 Space odd one out games

Stars and planets

👩‍🔬Ice and gas giants fact file

👩‍🔬📃 Masterclass and workbook - Space Exploration

💻📃 Name the Constellation Matching Game

💻📃 A-Z of Space Game

💻 Label the solar system - clickable

💻 How the planets move fill in the blanks - clickable

💻 A year on different planets

💻 Gravity in the solar system

💻 Outer planets matching facts

🧪 Make a constellations board

🧪 Pack for a space mission

🧪 Marshmallow constellations

🧪 Model planetary motion

🧪 Design a planet rover

🧪 Make model planets

🧪 Fruity solar system

🧪 Model planets

🧪 Bucket of water - centrifugal force demo

🧪 Melted crayon solar system

🧪 The loo roll solar system

🧪 Constellation jars

🧪 Bottle rocket launchers

The Earth and Moon

👩‍🔬 The effect of the moon *

👩‍🔬 Moon factfile

👩‍🔬 Missions to the moon

💻📃 How Many Moons Matching Game

💻📃 Find the phases of the moon *

💻📃 Getting to the moon game

🧪 Make moon craters

🧪 Chocolate biscuit moon phases

🧪 Make moon rocks

🧪 Moon phases craft 1

🧪 Moon phase craft 2

Day and Night

👩‍🔬 Day and night

👩‍🔬 Changing theories - day and night

💻 A day on different planets

💻📃 Day and night fill in the blanks

💻📃 Day and night in different cultures

🧪 Day and night model

🧪 Make a sundial

🧪 Tracking shadows

🧪 Acting out day and night

❓ Quiz

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