Year 5- Properties and Reactions

Year 5- Properties and Reactions

Whole topic resources

💻 Properties and reactions word search*

💻 Properties and reaction expert level

📃 Properties and reactions Keyword printable

❓ Quiz

Important properties

👩‍🔬 Properties of Materials Explainer Video

💻 Which object needs these properties

💻📃 Important Properties Labelling Game

🧪 - Exploring density - Magic Floating Eggs

🧪 Lava Lamps - solubility and density

💻 Properties of materials - odd one out games

💻 Soluble or insoluble?

🧪 Investigating magnetism

🧪 Investigating electrical conductivity

🧪 Investigating thermal conductivity

🧪 Solubility

Elements, compounds and mixtures

👩‍🔬 Elements, compounds and mixtures

💻📃 Elements Word Search

💻 Element, compound or mixture?

🧪 Element, compound or mixture circus

🧪 From a mixture to a compound

❓ Quiz

🧪 Making sweet models

Separating mixtures

👩‍🔬 Separating Mixtures Explainer video

👩‍🔬 Elements, compounds and mixtures

👩‍🔬 Dissolving

💻 Choose the right separating technique

💻 Separating mixtures matching game

💻 Separating mixtures fill in the blanks 

💻 Element, compound or mixture?

🧪 Filtering

🧪 Sieving

🧪 Making crystals

🧪 Distillation

🧪 Chromatography

🧪 Testing solubility

🧪 What is a solvent?

Physical and Chemical changes

👩‍🔬 Physical and Chemical Changes Explainer video

👩‍🔬 Bubbles and Fizz factfile

💻 Physical or Chemical matching game

💻 Physical or Chemical wordsearch

💻 Physical or chemical? labelling game

💻 Bubbles and Fizz crossword

🧪 Physical or Chemical circus

🧪 Reversing reactions

🧪 Chemical changes - acid/alkali reactions

🧪 Chemical changes - burning

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