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The Nano Club

The Nano Club

Our VIP area is a free hub of sciencey shenanigans, you'll find easy experiments, factfiles, challenges, quizzes and downloadables to help your curious kids get their science fix. 

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How to use the club (the boring stuff for grown ups!!)

Yaayyy you've earned 2 points - you're a yocto genius

Yaayyy you've earned 10 points - you're a femto genius

Yaayyy you've earned 25 points - you're a pico genius

Yaayyy you've earned 50 points - you're a hecto genius

Yaayyy you've earned 75 points - you're a tera genius

Yaayyy you've earned 100 points - you're a zetta genius

Yaayyy you've earned 225 points - you've earned the Maddie Lifetime Achievement award

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