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Welcome to The Science Brainery!!

This is the online membership site of LoveScience and we are glad to have you here.

In the free nano club, you will find a taster of what we have on offer in the Mega Club with experiments to try, games to have a go and science stories to inspire!

Plant Survival Week - 20th September

MASTERCLASS - Carnivorous plants

EASY EXPERIMENT - Cloning Cabbage

  • The most useful plant in the world factfile
  • Name the plant game
  • Where does the plant live?

Water Week (Recording)

MASTERCLASS - Clean water for all!

EASY EXPERIMENT - Floating water towers

  • Wild water factfile
  • Soluble or not online game
  • How much water is in your food?
  • Wettest places on Earth

Bones Week (Recording)

MASTERCLASS - Fixing bones

EASY EXPERIMENT - Making bones

  • Name the bones game
  • Bones wordsearch
  • Match the bones memory game
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