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Free Nano Club

Welcome to The Science Brainery!!

This is the online membership site of LoveScience and we are glad to have you here.

In the free nano club, you will find a taster of what we have on offer in the Mega Club with experiments to try, games to have a go and science stories to inspire!

The Science Brainery - Mega Club

Come and join our interactive, exciting and fun club:

* A weekly KS2 theme with

  • A live masterclass and workbook
  • An easy experiment
  • Online games and activities

* Weekly, curriculum linked KS3 lesson

And access to everything we'll already done!

Summer of Science

5 weeks of summer fun - 3 ways to join in.

1. Join the free challenge - a new experiment to have a go at every week - upload your pics to win a TON of free science

2. Explore every theme a little bit more with games and fact files AND join us live every Monday at 10.30 to do the experiment and a mini masterclass (or a recording if you can't make it)

3. Take it one step further and get your own kit with an extra experiment to do each week.

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